Ferenc Hansági Technical and Professional School for Catering and Tourism

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Ferenc Hansági Technical and Professional School for Catering and TourismThe history of the school

Our school works as a foundation school. Ferenc Hansági Educational Foundation was established by famous catering trade businessmen in Szeged in 1991. Their aim was to develop and modernize the training of catering trades in the Southern Lowlands. Also their plan was to rediscover and to look after the gastronomical traditions of this region. Our school works in this spirit up to the present.

Our aims

The most important aim of our school is to be the school of students. We make an effort to create such atmosphere where students feel well, they can realize their ideas, imaginations, they see possibility for all round development of their talent and interest. We would like if our students find those values which give them support in life. We want to train experts who can hold their own in Europe, who have marketable, well mobilizing knowledge, who are open- minded, competitive people and who love their trade.

Conditions quaranteed by us

Our well-equipped, modern training workshop give possibilities to acquire high level trade knowledge and to practise them. Our trade teachers have practice of many decades and most exclusive catering establishments in our region guarantee for our students the wide acquainting with the chosen trade. Our students have their practical lessons in our school.

Professional school

Catering-tourism trade group

Starting class: 1

Numer of accepting students: 30

Applying: boys and girls

Hostel placing: Déri, Fodor hostels for boys, Móra, Fodor hostels for girls

Period of training: 4 years

Form of training: regular course

Teaching foreign languages: English and German (in 9th and 10th classes there is 1 language, from 11th class there are 2 languages)

Entering requirements: entrance conversation and we consider the marks in 7th and 8th classes.

Application: personally in our school or through the Elementary school.

Further information: after the final examination students can qualify as catering technician on regular course for one year.They can retrain in related trades with theoretical and practical training for about half or one year.

Advantages of training

in addition of certificate of final examination students get trade knowledge
they can get to know catering of other nations travelling abroad and can enlarge, improve their language knowledge
they can take part in integration trainings, sponsored by PHARE
they get to know making and using of multimedian materials
after finishing training they can choose from among possibilities of further education: institutions of higher educations, technican training (1 year), having of preliminary knowledge they can get trades in catering.
They can work as managers at intermediate levels

Catering technician
(professional training)

OKJ code: 52782202 (National Training Note)

Starting class: 1

Number of accepting students: 30

Applying: boys and girls

Period of training: 2 years

Form of training: regular course

Occupation of training: training of trade theory, 4 days a week, 1 day training in the workshop
Teaching of foreign languages: professional English or German

Condition of entering: certificate of final examination

Way and time of application: personally in school or filling in an application form until 30th June.

Advantages of training:

those who have got certificate of final examination in our school can get technician qualification during 1 year (students coming from other schools the training lasts for 2 years)
they can study in high institutions
they can work as managers at intermediate level
they will be more marketable in labour market

Career-orientated training

Number of starting Classes: 2

Number of Admittable: 60 members

Apply for admission: both girls and boys

Accomodation in the hostel: Déri, Fodor -> for boys Móra, Fodor -> for girls

Training period: 2 years (+2 year professional education)

Instruction form: full-time department
Teaching foreign languages: Students can choose between German and English

Requirements for admission: -Observation of the trade suitability,qualification; -entrance conversation and the results in the 7th and 8th classes

Apply for admission: personally in school or through the Elementary School

Advantages of the training:

If students finish a trade they can obtain more catering professions.
they have opportunity to join the technical training /if they fulfil the suitable school achievements/
After finishing the 2 years, students can choose among cooks`, confectioners`, waiters`, trade. Students can see into the practical parts in the educated trades of the school.
Other Particulars:In the first 2 years /before they are 16 years old / students study common, general and professional-orientated subjects and at the end of the 2nd year they can decide whether they want to study in the 2-year vocational school, in the trade for cooks, confectioners, waiters or as a shop-assistant in the fast-food restaurant or catering shop-assistant / with national training professional trade / or with successful level exam they can continue their studies in technical school which ends with final exam.

On the job training: takes place at school.

Vocational educations

  • cooks
  • confectioners
  • waiters
  • shop-assistant in the fast-food
  • restaurant
  • catering shop-assistant

Starting Class: 1

Number of admittable: 30 people

Apply for admission: girls and boys

Training period: 2 years

Teaching form: full-time course

Teaching occupation: Theoretical teaching - 4days / a week 1 day apprentice workshop 5 day practice in the working place

Teaching foreign languages: professional English or German

Entrance requirements: Students must be 16 years old Finishing 9th-10th classes Way and time for the admission: personally at school, filling in the application form until 30th June

Other particulars refer to training:

In the regular course in parallel with the education there are courses: computer operator and immediately after the final exam catering manager trainings are available
Advantages of the training:

Our students can get high-level professional training both theoretical and also practice.
We have modern, well-equipped apprentice workshops
-Students attain more catering professions
-Students can go working abroad
-They can attain the profession in the well- recognized; high-level restaurants in Szeged.
The acquired educational level provides well-living, subsistance for them

For the entrance health certificate is necesarry. Study contribution must be paid for each training form.

International relationshipsInternational relationships

At the beginning of the century, the world-famous Hungarian catering mentor, Marencich Ottó emphasized "It is unimaginable to be employees without perfected specialized knowledge and language knowledge abroad"

Approaching to join European Union we have more and more opportunities to get more experiences, exchanges of working methods and enlarging the language knowledge. Our school has close relationships with more foreign institutions. Among them there is Tegernsee Technical School for Tourism in Bavaria. We work together with them, and after the successful work, the last few years there are new opportunities for our students. Within the framework of Leonardo Programme, 2 students took part in a 3-week professional training in Germany in 2000/2001. And other 20 students visited a Vocational School for Butcher`s in Munich. We have connection with Nykobing /Falster Technical School and with Banate students in Ürményháza. They have taken part in the programmes and courses of our school by the aid of "Discover Hungary" Rockenbauer Pál memory movement. We are working out relationships with Italian and Polish international vocational schools.

Studying with the entertainment - Playfully education?

Beside the theory and practice we want to give a several chances to improve the students’ talent in a playfully way. The complex elaboration of the part of curriculum became popular in our school, within the framework of subject integration. During making multimedia-CD, our students can try their knowledge out in several interesting fields from producing wine through taking digital photos, to archival research. They can take trips in the famous wine-growing areas of our country, they can get to know the smart catering restaurants, establishments of our region, and the excellent experts of the trade. Since this year we want to give more chances for our students. Beside, they take part in the edition of the Schoolradio, Schoolmagazine they can try their abilities out in the drama group or the computer graphics. We are planning craftman and folklore-dance lessons. For the fans of sports our fitness-room is available and they can join several sportprogramme. Professional days have been organised for years, where different lecturers from all fields of economy give their knowledge to the students. The students themselves can gain experience with the organisation of dinner parties, and can prove their knowledge in competitions.

Hansági Ferenc Vocational and Technical School for Catering and Tourism

Kenyérgyári street 8.
H-6725 Szeged

Tel.: 0036-62-547-240/ 547-241

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Hansági Ferenc Szakképző Iskolája 
Szeged, Kenyérgyári út 8.
Tel./Fax: 62/547-242

+36 30 572-5249
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